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Increase your profits with hospitality software and solutions from Agilysys

Agilysys is a hospitality solutions company where innovative technology solutions go hand-in-hand with service that’s second to none. Whether you’re serving hundreds of guests or thousands at a time, you succeed in hospitality because you know the value of a single relationship. So do we. We can help forge those relationships with your guests.

Transforming hospitality by building lasting connections


Our customers

Just as no two guests are alike, Agilysys knows that hospitality is not a one-size-fits-all industry. We address the specific challenges of casino resorts, cruise lines, foodservice management, hotels & resorts, tribal gaming and restaurants. 



10 years

Our partners

Make all the right connections with one phone call. Along with our proprietary products, Agilysys provides a single, simple connecting point for integrated solutions using any or all of our trusted partners in hospitality data management, online booking systems, onsite communications, guest wifi, guest feedback and more. 



28 Years

5000 Plus


Our People

In our customers’ businesses and our own, people will always matter at least as much as technology. Agilysys people are smart, engaged, and empowered to make an impact. That’s why, when you ask an Agilysys customer to talk about our company, our people are what you’ll hear about the most. We aren’t big on mission statements, but our core values are unshakeable: character, service excellence, innovation, competency and collaboration. 

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Our Investors

Talk about valuable connections. Agilysys is a hospitality industry powerhouse serving casinos, resorts, hotels, cruise lines, foodservice, stadiums and restaurants as a leading developer and marketer of proprietary software, services and solutions. We operate extensively in North America, Europe and Asia from corporate headquarters in Alpharetta, GA and offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. 




$14 Billion

Lasting connections
are what make us all


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