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Technology can play a significant role in improving your competitive market position by increasing productivity and efficiency, reducing operational costs and enabling rapid scalability. Yet, in this era of limited resources, you may find yourself wondering, “Can I really afford it right now?” Often, the capital for a significant technology purchase simply isn’t in the budget. In these situations, the operative question becomes, “Can I afford to wait?”

Agilysys Financial Solutions is excited to provide powerful financing options for resolving this dilemma. Not only does financing help you put technology to work for your business without a major capital investment, but it also provides benefits all its own—from potential tax advantages to improved flexibility, from eliminating the risk of technology obsolescence to the conservation of credit.

To ensure you benefit from the best possible financing arrangement, Agilysys Financial Solutions takes an objective, consultative approach to your technology acquisition. Our consultants first work with you to uncover opportunities for financing and then evaluate your business priorities to determine the most advantageous payment structures to help achieve your goals. By leveraging all available promotions from the IT manufacturers you’ve selected as well as independent banks, we’re able to provide a host of flexible financing options including seasonal payment plans, flexible end-of-term options, deferred payments and special opportunities including zero-percent financing. An integral part of your total solution, we strive to provide financing information early in the sales and decision cycles so you have an accurate representation of your options and can make fully-informed technology decisions.

By working with Agilysys to finance your technology purchase, you’re able to leverage our experience and streamline a potentially overwhelming and complicated process. Our consultants are committed to helping you realize the many benefits of leasing, including the ability to:

  • Maintain a competitive edge by acquiring equipment without tying up capital, increasing cash flow

  • Spread costs across the lifecycle of the solution

  • Protect your lines of credit

  • Enable project-based use of equipment

  • Eliminate the risk of technology obsolescence

  • Address soft costs such as implementation, training and consulting by rolling them into the lease

  • Realize tax advantages

  • Improve balance sheet ratios

  • Guard against market conditions with a fixed payment

Agilysys Financial Solutions provide you with a unique perspective as we identify the full range of payment structures available as well as an independent view of their relative merits. We look forward to assisting you as you proceed with your IT investment decision.