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Take a tour of Agilysys' NJ office and hear what types of projects our employees are working on. Hear from our agnostic in-house professional services team about Storage & Data Management, The Virtualization Hub and Identity & Access Management; our cross-country quoting team; the developer of the HawkPoint Process as well as our Director of Financial Solutions.

Meet the people that are in the field, working with our partners and clients on a daily basis and find out how they can serve you.

Film shorts featuring subject matter experts discussing topics to help you optimize your business infrastructure.

Agilysys: Presents Tête-à-Tech- Episode 1 IT Financing

Hear from Agilysys Director of Financial Solutions, John O'Brien on how you can use financing to be more creative with the IT projects you work on as well as extend your IT budget for those projects.

Agilysys: Presents Tête-à-Tech- Episode 2 The Hawkpoint Process

Find out how The HawkPoint Process--a combination of analytic software and expert analysis--can help right-size, consolidate, virtualize and refresh a data center.

Agilysys Sun Technology Solutions Chief Security Architect, Darren Suprina, joins Heather Clancy to talk about his new solution, The HawkPoint Process in This Episode of Tête-à-Tech. 

Agilysys: Presents Tête-à-Tech- Episode 3: The Virtualization Hub

Virtually every high tech vendor talks about the promise of virtualization, but it’s difficult to conceptualize the business benefits. Agilysys Sun Technology Solutions Director of Marketing, Gerry McGowan, introduces the Virtualization Hub (VHub)—a multi-vendor, cross-platform demo center that allows you to see four layers of virtualization at work. The VHub presents a pragmatic representation of the current technological marketplace and touts a holistic approach, displaying storage, server, network and desktop solutions.

 Agilysys: Presetns Tête-à-Tech Episode 4: High Performance Computing (HPC)

Join Technical Consultant, Steve Spano for a discussion on how High Performance Computing (HPC) can serve as a key business differentiator for your business. Steve explains the benefits of implementing HPC, it's main components and the relevance of HPC as it applies to specific industries.


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Identity & Access Management 

Overview of the Market and Trends with Customers 5.08

Sun's Ryan Bearden and Agilysys’ John Gutkowski discuss the market place today, predictions about Role Manager, Federation and the ever hot need for Identity Management.
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Compliance and Beyond 04.08
Identity Management:  It's about more than just compliance. It’s how smart and innovative companies are saving—and making—money. 
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Data Center Optimization 

Virtualization and Blade Server Solutions 09.08
Listen to leading experts from Gartner and Sun Microsystems look at the challenges and best practices that will help you virtualize your server environment. You’ll also find out how Sun's Blades Systems enhance Virtualization benefits and deliver an open and versatile enterprise blade platform. To listen to the webcast:
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A Holistic View of Virtualization in the Data Center 10.08
Darren Suprina, Chief Security Architect, Sun Technology Solutions, Agilysys, Inc. and David Davis, Director of Infrastructure, Train Signal Inc., demonstrate how to look at the big picture of your data center and prioritize to select an appropriate virtualization solution for your organization. Each type of virtualization-server, storage, desktop, application, and network-serves a specific purpose and offers its own ROI. These types are all related in some way, and implementation of one type may drive needs in other areas. Learn about features and benefits of the five main types of virtualization to mix and match techniques and cater your virtualization strategy to your organization.
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Financial Solutions

Get the Technology You Need  Despite Financial Contraints

During this session, we spend 30 minutes discussing ways you can secure the technology you need now, while minimizing the impact on your capital budget and giving you greater asset control.
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Success Stories 

Constructing Partnerships that Work  09.08
Join management expert and author, Amir Hartman, Agilysys’ own Steve Spano and the Keating Group’s Skip Gosling to learn how to build—and leverage—meaningful and productive IT business partnerships.  Find out what the most successful IT management best practices are from Hartman and discover how Gosling used these ideals at Keating to strengthen and improve the efficiency of his IT department.
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