DataMagine Document Management

Agilysys DataMagine™

An efficient document management solution.

DataMagine's U.S.-patented imaging module seamlessly integrates with your business applications, usually without writing or changing a single line of code. A cost-effective document management solution is something that virtually every business needs, whether it's to cope with increasing paperwork or to satisfy regulatory requirements. Revolutionize paper document storage and retrieval from an inefficient and expensive drain on your bottom line into a benefit that saves money while promoting environmental stewardship.


Features Benefits
Remote On-Demand Data Access Retrieve electronic documents securely from any location via Internet or Intranet.
Streamlined Document Retrieval Increase employee productivity by reducing paper flow while improving access to data.
Instant Data Delivery Improve response time with the ability to deliver digitized records to the appropriate internal, customer or vendor destination in real time.
Electronic Document Routing Route electronic documents for approvals via desktop or email while maintaining a complete audit trail with reporting.
Scalable Implement in a single department or enterprise-wide.
Easy Deployment and Integration Install DataMagine right alongside your current business applications, with little or no coding necessary.
Compliance with Regulatory Requirements like Sarbanes-Oxley Organize and retrieve indexed records for audits or IRS review.
Individual Permission Levels Secure sensitive data.
User Friendly, Intuitive Train staff quickly and easily.

Optional Modules

  • Attendant Module
  • Barcode Module
  • CD Burning Module
  • DocFlow Module
  • Document Imaging Module
  • Index Update Module
  • Pen Pad Signature Capture Module
  • Report Archive & Retrieval Module
  • Web Scan/Index/Search Module
  • Driver's License and Passport Scanning
  • Export and Purge


Agilysys DataMagine is a document management solution for the following markets: