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Tribal Gaming Management Software

The technology backbone powering tribal gaming operations and exceptional guest service.
Agilysys provides a wide range of software products to power tribal gaming properties. Our products include tribal gaming management solutions like property management, point of sale, inventory management and workforce management.

Partnering with the right technology vendor can ease the transitions as you grow. With Agilysys, you can choose from a suite of integrated tribal gaming software solutions that help you engage your guests more effectively, operate more efficiently, and emerge a winner in a challenging industry.

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Why Choose Agilysys?

In a technology marketplace cluttered with products that promise to streamline Indian gaming resort operations, Agilysys stays ahead of the game. We’re the one resource you need for integrated solutions that power sound operations, intelligent guest service, and the most efficient use of your employees’ time.
Learn More About Tribal Gaming Solutions
Learn More About Tribal Gaming Solutions

Where We Excel

  • A portfolio of best-of-breed solutions for the tribal gaming industry, single-sourced from an established, financially robust supplier.
  • All in one solution to successfully manage your tribal gaming property.
  • Mature, proven field service operation. 24/7/365 support, assuring that your guests can spend less time waiting and more time playing.