Workforce Management Solution (WMx)

Optimize productivity and manage labor costs effectively

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Building Better Bosses

Through an intelligent suite of labor management tools

Workforce Empowerment

Strip away complex processes that just get in the way

Efficiency Gains

Tools to help managers make smart labor decisions

Comprehensive Hospitality Management

Workforce Management Solution™ (WMx) is an innovative, feature-rich suite of tools and timekeeping systems designed specifically for hospitality professionals. WMx helps improve decision making, reduce labor costs, empower employees and align their day-to-day activities with corporate best practices.

Being the boss is more complicated than ever

Whether your business is a family restaurant or a corporate chain, managers are responsible for an overabundance of labor management processes. WMx creates a smooth flow of information that can help with recruiting and hiring, maintaining different pay rates, scheduling according to employee skill, forecasting on demand, and the many details of maintaining a successful operation.

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Mobile, customizable, easy to use

WMx includes tools for performance-based scheduling, dynamic labor forecasting, embedded workflow for employee hiring, employee self-service, multiple time capture solutions and seamless integration to numerous POS, PMS, inventory and payroll systems. Combined, these tools make doing business easier and more profitable.

Optional Modules

The WMx Time & Attendance system reduces labor waste both at the time of clock punch and before going to payroll. WMx minimizes manual errors and compliance risks while freeing your managers to focus on higher-level duties.

WMx offers a spectrum of business intelligence features from product mix to online mobile scheduling. Automatically create or adjust schedules that align with future customer demands, regulatory scheduling policies, local laws, employee availabilities, skill levels and labor budget.

Streamlines the entire employment life cycle from new-hire through pay and job changes, transfers, termination and rehiring. WMx integrates with existing HR & business systems to assure that all employee updates are synchronized in a timely fashion to all collaborative applications.

Captures deep volumes of data compiled from numerous systems to predict sales by comparing repetitive historical trends with current customer patterns associated by day-of-the-week and time-of-day. A demand forecast is generated that dynamically adjusts to seasonal and year-to-year trends, holidays, promotions and menu changes.

An interactive, mobile scheduling and alert management system that automatically pushes information to managers and employees in real time for quick decision-making.

WMx brings intelligent reporting to a higher level by extracting deep and broad data from throughout your enterprise and organizing it for workforce performance analysis. Convenient and flexible filtering options allow managers to configure specific performance metrics needed to make better decisions and drive business goals.

The core WMx applications generate alerts regarding labor and scheduling rule violations and display them in real-time to users within the WMx applications. With the Alerts module, WMx instantly pushes alerts to email, SMS text and smartphone apps.

WMx is a workforce management solution for the following markets:

  • Casino Resorts
  • Cruise Lines
  • Foodservice
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Indian Gaming
  • Restaurants
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