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Nov 30, 2017

Money Changers

Getting money into the hands of casino players is essential


It once implied vulnerability, like facing a blizzard with no winter coat. Yet the term slowly gained traction, denoting innovative payment methods across several spectrums. It graces the retail world via grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants and gas stations. Cashless also means paying bills with a cellphone keystroke, a text or a click. Or buying show tickets on a tablet. Bing, bang, paid.

Gaming runs a parallel cashless route. From ticket-in/ticket-out (TITO) to enhanced kiosks and the mobile-phone tap, it features the groundbreaking, instant reconciliation world.

Casinos grasp a win-win. Immediate funds enable patrons to avoid play gaps, while new EMV safeguards (Europay, Master Card, Visa) reduce their exposure to fraud.

Juggling increased funds and security becomes a multimillion-dollar task for operators. This is one high-wire act they must master. Companies offer a wealth of solutions, and those that help casinos balance this equation will probably wind up “cash full.”


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