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Nov 20, 2017

Property Management Systems - What to look for

In the past, PMS was primarily about managing guest transactions, but today, hotels must consider the entire guest experience. A modern PMS must build and maintain a guest database of every interaction on the property - across multiple locations where they exist- and then make that information available to everyone who uses the system.

Hoteliers evaluating their existing systems to see if they meet these requirements should conduct an assessment to separate the must-have capabilities from the nice-to-have. Regularly evaluating business needs is important, not only for the sake of maintaining the current business environment, but also to be able to grow and evolve in ways that meet the changing expectations of guests. Once the nice-to-have and must-have elements are identified, gaps must be identified before reaching out to providers to assess their ability to add value to your existing systems and processes. Operators should look for a partner that can deliver long-term plans which support their vision rather than specific features or functionality.

Why is this important? Because PMS technology extends well beyond features and daily task management. To deliver a superior guest experience, the PMS must include robust integration to other onsite and third-party systems including channel management and distribution. 


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