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Dec 21, 2017

Guest Lifecycle: When The Dining Experience Really Starts

The dining experience is so deeply rooted in our culture that it’s not simply a matter of offering pleasing menu items, rather it’s about providing fare that nurtures the body while offering a level of service that nurtures the soul. Unfortunately, in many operations, most of the energy is devoted to food preparation and delivery without an appreciation for all the elements of the underlying guest decision lifecycle. This focus on the product rather than the guest, combined with a proliferation of dining technology and the pressure of constantly increasing competition, often results in an overly complex and limited perspective on guest service.

In a two-part series, this article will touch on how many operators have too narrow a view of the guest’s food and beverage experience. We’ll look at the full experience, decisions made along the way and how venues can leverage this decision lifecycle to attract more guests.


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