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Aug 10, 2017

Empowering Intelligent Restaurants

empoweringAgilysys cautions that analytics software alone will make only small impact; it takes full, senior executive-backed commitment – and sometimes, hiring more forward-thinkers -- to drive the cultural change needed to make optimal use of analytics.  

Among the reasons Crazy Pita ( chose an Agilysys POS – and is upgrading to the enterprise version – was to track modifiers and substitutions, which help drive menu modifications, says Medhi Zarhoul, founder and owner of the growing three-unit chain. They are also using the system to analyze labor and food costs and monitor transaction trends in real time. “I want to know what sells, when, the time, location, because it helps me make better decisions,” says Zarhoul, including how to add online ordering and delivery in a made-to-order operation.  

Agilysys recommends checking out the ecosystem of POS integration partners, as well as open APIs, when building out analytics capabilities.


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