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Aug 22, 2017

Modern Food Service Challenges are Driven by the Modern Guest

Consumers want more options. For every practiced chef, there is a collective of guests eager to spend their hard-earned dollars on something exotic and different. They want to experience a bit of culture by way of their next meal, and they want to find it using the latest technology. How do businesses prioritize which technologies to embrace? How do they stay in business in such a saturated, competitive marketplace? How do they keep up with the constantly-expanding demands of consumers? This highly competitive landscape, combined with changing guest expectations, has created a handful of new challenges for many operations. And the answers all begin with the guest.

From the guest's point of view, an excellent experience is one that is simply frictionless. No one wants a struggle to meet a basic need. Guests want their experience without the friction of having to repeat what's already been communicated, spending time trying to resolve issues that shouldn't exist in the first place, or worse yet, feeling restricted because the technology to select specific preferences hasn't yet been adopted, all of which can be sources of frustration.


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