How Far We Have Come: Creating a Guest Experience for the Future

Feb 10, 2022

Remember when the guestroom simply offered a bed, a restroom, a TV, maybe a few lamps, a desk and a chair? Guests could pick up the phone on the night table, order room service, and request a wake-up call—but that was about it. Some hotels eventually started to offer free Wi-Fi and guest entertainment features on their TVs and that felt like real luxury. How far we have come since then!

Today's tech-savvy hotel guest expects far more from their room, the property and its staff members. They want the flexibility of choosing services and amenities at the click of a button, and the security and safety of interacting with staff and other guests the way they feel most comfortable and on the device of their choosing. And they can do all these things through mobile solutions and contactless payment options, as well as reservation and activity management systems that a hotel property can implement to ensure the optimal guest experience. 

Personalized Service from the Guestroom

By giving guests the ability to view available services, activities and amenities on their mobile device of their choice, and then book them at their convenience, hotels are allowing the guest to help build a truly customized experience. Hospitality organizations can anticipate guest expectations and dramatically improve guest satisfaction by implementing technologies that provide the staff with a full view of the guest before, during and after their stay. The property then has the ability to track trends and identify individual guest preferences to customize their stay even further. These tools can help properties increase bookings, capture more revenue, and more importantly, be prepared to meet future guest demands head on.

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How this Benefits the Hotel

Increasing guest engagement allows hotels to dramatically increase revenue. By putting a highly interactive booking tool in the guests’ hands, the property can meet ever-changing and increasing demands without adding to its staff workload. Hotel management can better manage inventory, labor and service needs by accessing a dashboard anywhere from any mobile device and monitoring guest activity.

Guests can make service requests from their room or order items like cribs or extra towels. Other features of guest service management solutions enable hotel staff to track maintenance, engineering and housekeeping needs to ensure high service levels. Team members can communicate via mobile devices, review tasks and assignments, and report completion so guests are not left waiting.

Guest preferences change every day, but today’s hotel properties have the ability to provide personalized guest experiences, whether they anticipate guests’ preferences for favorite food items or services, or they allow guests the option to view, select and book activities, hard-to-get restaurant reservations and event tickets, or make special food and beverage requests. By implementing technologies that give guests the flexibility of personalizing their experiences on-site and from their room, hotels are better able to serve their guests, capture more revenue, and boost guest satisfaction.

April 27, 2022

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