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Industry Reports

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    POS of the Future: Predictions and Insights

    Every year, Hospitality Technology polls restaurant executives to gauge what features and functionalities are shaping the industry.

  • whitepaper

    2019 Lodging Technology Study

    A blend of data and digital engagement will power the next generation of genuine service, according to this annual research study.

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    Grow Guest Satisfaction with Next-Gen Payment

    2019 Outlook: Technology is converging with table service and secure payments in a profound way.

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    7 Tips for Running Your Café Self-Service Kiosks the Right Way

    The use of kiosks in your café operations offers a modern approach for increasing speed and efficiency and optimizing your operational efficiency.

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    Data-Driven Decision-Making

    Data-Driven Decision-Making in Food and Beverage Operations to Improve Employee Engagement / Guest Experience / Revenue Growth / Operational Efficiencies