Positioning Hotels for Long-term Success and Other Takeaways from Agilysys Consultants Forum 2022



Positioning Hotels for Long-term Success and Other Takeaways from Agilysys Consultants Forum 2022

Aug 02, 2022

Hospitality technology consultants are in the unique position to understand hotels' challenges from the property level and have the industry and relevant product knowledge to connect them with the most effective solutions for their needs. Many of these consultants regularly attend hospitality industry events around the world, and one of the most popular of these events is the Agilysys Consultants Forum.

"This event is one that I won't miss during the year," said Gregg Hopkins, chief executive officer of PROVision Partners. "Agilysys does an exceptional job of bringing together many of the most influential consultants in the industry and providing highly informative content that addresses many of the challenges our hotel clients are facing. By encouraging open discussions and allowing for a Q&A period in each session, we as attendees, have the opportunity to share what we are seeing throughout the industry, and learn about some of the newest developments from the Agilysys product team."

During this year's two-day event held at Atlantis Bahamas, product professionals from Agilysys and the company’s executive leadership team facilitated several interactive sessions about strategic initiatives and new capabilities that align with many of the industry's biggest focuses today including contactless, consolidation of expenses, staffing shortages, and creating new revenue channels. These sessions provided a collaborative forum for consultants to discuss many of the challenges they are seeing in the field at hotel properties all over the world, and how technology-based integrated solutions can help hoteliers overcome them.

John Burns, president of Hospitality Technology Consulting, finds events like this valuable to stay well-informed of major vendors' evolving systems and services. "Periodic intensive consultant briefings by vendors, often annual or semi-annual in frequency, have proven to be a highly effective format for delivering detailed product and service updates," he said. "Best conducted in-person, these sessions generally include in-depth system demonstrations, service program updates, product roadmap presentations, and debate about hotels and their technology needs. The Consultant Forum that Agilysys hosted in May was a fine example of highly informative presentations coupled with spirited discussion of the challenges and opportunities available in the hotel systems marketplace."

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The overarching theme of this year's Agilysys Consultants Forum was positioning hotels for long-term success, and two organizations shared how technology has played a positive role for their properties - especially since the pandemic. Justin McCann, Technical Service Manager from Rosen Hotels & Resorts explained how it has been able to improve the guest experience at each of its seven properties with the help of technology solutions that enhance the staff experience and enable them to spend more time focused on personalizing service. In addition, Matt Barksdale, Regional Head Golf Professional at Pinehurst Resort shared how these solutions have helped enhance staff efficiency, allowing the property to provide elevated service levels, exceed guest demands, and boost revenue on-site. What both organizations have learned is that the investment in effective technologies for their properties yields a high return on both guest experience and staff experience, and they are seeing the benefits of that commitment.

"We are grateful for the opportunity to bring many of these hospitality technology experts together in one place to focus on our industry and how we can all – consultants, hoteliers and technology providers across the world – help hotels utilize technology to capture lost revenue from the challenges they experienced over the last few years, attract and retain exceptional staff members to help them continue to grow, and create new revenue channels to help them succeed," said Agilysys President and CEO Ramesh Srinivasan. "As we know all too well, hospitality is a zero disappointment industry, and many properties are realizing they can't afford not to invest in solutions that help them provide exceptional experiences for staff and guests alike."

Day two of the forum was devoted to examining the top three challenges facing the industry: labor shortages, providing contactless services to guests, and creating new revenue. Additionally, Srinivasan had the opportunity to share recent and ongoing strategic initiatives from Agilysys and how the company has upheld its commitment to continued product development and serving as a source of innovation and business growth for hoteliers around the world.

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"What an incredible group we had in attendance at this year's Consultants Forum," added Srinivasan. "Their input is extremely valuable to our ongoing product development as they are working directly with hotels all over the world. Combining their knowledge and expertise with that of our development team at this event enables us all to help hotels overcome their challenges and focus on the future."

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