Record-Breaking Resort Reservations with a User-Friendly Booking Tool

Oct 29, 2018

Every resort has its own unique amenities, distinct guest rooms and exclusive dining, and each in a distinguished location. With these unique selling points, you might expect such a resort to be booked year-round. However, that’s often not the case. Especially as more guests have specific expectations with exacting standards when it comes to using web resources to find and book their next experience. Managing direct bookings isn’t easy, but with the right digital tools that promote guest interaction, online reservations can skyrocket. Today we highlight how Kiawah Island Golf Resort overcame a similar booking challenge.

The Need:

At the luxurious Kiawah Island Golf Resort, where for more than 30 years the demand for their exquisite villas and amenities continued to grow, outpacing the capabilities of the resorts’ existing online booking capabilities. For years, guests were required to call resort staff to get property and room details, and to book a guest room.

The Solution:

The leadership team selected Agilysys rGuest® Book to replace the incumbent solution, allowing Kiawah Island Golf Resort to deliver greater convenience for prospective guests with an appealing online presentation of all the villa choices and amenities available.

The Results:

Within the first 90 days of deployment, Kiawah Island Golf Resort grew bookings nearly 4X above the resort’s anticipated booking.

 “This is just the beginning. We expect to see even more bookings as we approach our busiest periods…”

             Mark McKellar, Director of Revenue at Kiawah Island Golf Resort

Guests enjoy the convenience of a digital booking solution that provides details about guest rooms, activities, dining, services and entertainment all through an interactive, user-friendly interface.

April 27, 2022

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