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Agilysys Spa

Spa software that manages operations and simplifies the appointment-booking process.

A Spa Booking Wizard

Let the technology work its magic. Use an appointment process that’s seamless, providing visibility to service price, duration, comments, setup time, breakdown time, and priority status. Leverage real-time updates that provide a detailed list of appointments scheduled, checked-in, completed, as well as no shows and holds.

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Seamless Spa Management and Scheduling Software

Manage all your spa operations – from scheduling services to managing staff – with a single solution that connects effortlessly to your Visual One® PMS.

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"The Agilysys solutions are proven, scalable and easy to integrate with other applications we are using. We also appreciate the partnership approach the company has taken and the high level of personal attention we have received."

— Director of Revenue, Camelback Lodge & Indoor Waterpark

Increase Business Exposure when you have Easy Internet Bookings

Curate Personalized Services with Individual Client Profiles

Minimize Loss with Integrated Inventory Control

"We wanted state-of-the-art technology…and the Agilysys solutions were an ideal fit." -- Director of Information Technology, Wequassett Resort

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A Sophisticated Spa Management Solution

With guest-centric Agilysys Spa from Agilysys, you’ll have more time to focus on crafting personalized guest experiences and spend less time managing the business.

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Contactless Guest Engagement

Boost Agilysys Spa Software Performance

An enterprise-ready, all-in-one solution for full-service resorts, boutiques and hotels. This fully-integrated property management solutions suite meets the highest standards of the world's most prestigious resorts.

An award-winning POS solution that accommodates your retail spa business.

Integrated spa product sales and inventory management improves the guest experience and drives revenue.