Xuvi BeamStudio™

Comprehensive data analytics and marketing automation to personalize guest engagement, improve operational efficiency and optimize revenue opportunities.

Predictive Analytics for Resorts and Hotels

Strengthen Guest Loyalty with Easy, Custom Marketing

You’re passionate about making lasting connections with guests. Increase your loyalty base with dynamic guest valuation, integrated machine learning and intuitive, personalized offers.


Historical and Predictive Insights

Centralized access to your KPIs in real-time, with predictive insights any time you want it. Meet staffing needs, drive operational efficiencies and gain valuable knowledge about guest trends.

This partnership will help operators gain valuable insights into their business and improve their ability to drive revenue growth.

-- Vice President of Products and Customer Support at Agilysys

Grow Your Efficiency. Grow Your Business.

Combine with InfoGenesis POS or Lodging Management System (LMS) to help improve revenue forecasting, yield management, labor and inventory spread planning, loss prevention, fraud prevention and dynamic pricing.


Xuvi’s BeamStudio solution…will help hotels and casinos with guest modeling, dynamic pricing and marketing automation to understand the true net worth of their customers.

-- CEO at Xuvi

Visual One

Boost your POS and PMS Business Analytics

The industry’s leading point of sale technology, built to keep guests happy and revenue flowing.

An Integrated lodging management system for hotels and resorts. Build exceptional guest relationships and optimize revenue opportunities.