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b4 offers premium cloud-based tools that kick up guest service and interface seamlessly with your Agilysys PMS.

b4 GettaRoom

Boost your direct booking revenues and enhance your web presence by accepting and confirming online accommodation bookings for all your guest types and rate types. GettaRoom integrates fully with your property management system by Agilysys to seamlessly present your full range of offers to your website visitors in real time, getting you the direct and commission-free online sales you want.

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b4 TransForm

Accept fully-automated and secure online payments - and eliminate the need for manual credit card authorization forms. TransForm enables guests and bookers to make real time credit card payments online. Payment is seamlessly authorized and posted where you want it posted, in real time.

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b4 Solutions enhance Agilysys Hospitality

Capture online sales with the b4 booking engine, GettaRoom, confirm each reservation and keep your guests informed with pre and post-stay emails sent by b4mailer, collect payments and deposits online with TransForm, and encourage feedback by inviting your departures to complete a custom opinion survey using b4feedback.

b4 Mailer

Send customized emails to confirm all your reservation transactions, including bookings, changes and cancellations. b4mailer also lets you design and send automatic pre-arrival and post-stay email communications.

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b4 FeedBack

Encourage accolades and uncover opportunities by inviting helpful feedback from your guests. Eliminate paper comment cards and automate the tasks of inviting and tabulating feedback. b4feedback lets you fully customize survey questions to target specific areas of interest, and scoring reports let you and your team celebrate success.

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b4 & Agilysys PMS

An enterprise-ready, all-in-one solution for full-service resorts, boutiques and hotels. This fully-integrated property management solutions suite meets the highest standards of the world's most prestigious resorts.

An Integrated lodging management system for hotels and resorts. Build exceptional guest relationships and optimize revenue opportunities.