Why Your Business Needs to Implement a Document Management Solution

Feb 03, 2022

Document management can be described as a process used to capture, track and store paper content as electronic documents. It is an efficient practice where organizations can move away from the tedious, manual tasks of everyday document and process flows, and transform hard copies into secure digitized files.

Manually accessing, printing and storing paper files can lead to security risks, errors in the information collected, and an outdated mess when the time comes to locate and identify needed information. A solution like document management not only automates time-consuming tasks, it increases accuracy, improves transparency and workflows, and ensures document security and access control. In a time when organizations are searching for ways to lessen their environmental footprint, they are also looking for ways to protect business, staff and guest data. With today's document management solutions, hospitality businesses gain all of these benefits, and then some.

How Document Management Can Help Streamline Your Business Office and Improve Productivity

Digitized business records can improve communication, response times and accuracy, as staff members and suppliers can access approved information and collaborate on projects in real time. By putting information at the staff members' fingertips, hospitality organizations have the tools to organize all documents securely, access them seamlessly, and not take over the little bit of storage they have with outdated cabinets full of files that can be mishandled, misfiled, lost or even destroyed.

Labor shortages have already forced hotels to become more efficient in allocating their team members in order to meet guest demands. By implementing a document management system, you have freed up extensive amounts of time for staff members to focus on service improvement levels and guest satisfaction. This type of solution is a highly effective tool for your business office, and automates multiple tasks seamlessly. Organizations can safely and securely scan, index, archive, store and retrieve online documents without interfering with existing applications.

Simplify Document Management

Improve response times and overall collaboration with digitized records shared with team members, customers, and suppliers in real-time.

How Document Management Can Improve Guest Service

In the hospitality industry, security and safety are high at the top of the priority list with guest service. With a secure document management system in place, properties have the ability to streamline front desk operations with features like ID scanning and electronic signature capture, as well as the ability to pull reservation details and update any additional guest information in real time. From waivers to other personal documents necessary for travel, organizations are able to safely archive guest materials that need to be checked and accessed at different times during the guest journey.

Additional Benefits and Other Options

There are many reasons why hospitality organizations should implement document management solutions into their businesses. They provide real-time, electronic document access to approved users; safely store and archive confidential documents; reduce paper and printing costs as well as storage needs; save back-up copies securely on stored network drives; help avoid audit nightmares when documents are requested; allow for much easier and more accurate disaster recovery and reporting; link invoices and other supporting documents to vendor files; capture waivers, approvals, signatures and other guest information securely; and most of all, boost employee productivity by automating previously tedious and manual but necessary tasks.

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Document management can dramatically improve an organization’s business operations, and there are several modules available to complement existing or new systems. From quick and easy document scanning and signature capture, to automated archival and retrieval plus electronic routing for approval and processing, to e-forms and e-waivers, as well as linking documents and transactions – the ability to protect business, staff and guest data is easily obtainable through document management and the modules and supporting solutions available today. It’s not too late; start streamlining your business office now and see the benefits immediately.

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