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Business Analytics Software from Agilysys

Our business analytics solution, rGuest Analyze, provides easy data analytics for hotels, restaurants and resorts.

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Loss Prevention

rGuest Analyze Business Analytics helps you to quickly identify the telltale signs of fraudulent activity.

Staff Performance Metrics

With our business analytics solution you can distinguish your team champions and identify opportunities for staff training.

Table Service Analyses

With rGuest Analyze you can leverage actual data to assess traffic flow and table usage.

rGuest Analyze Features

Maximize the Guest Experience

rGuest Analyze provides forecasting which serves as the analytical foundation for successful operations planning.

For restaurants it all starts with a guest forecast, which lays out the expected tables served at each section or location. For hotels and resorts it starts with guest reservations predictions. All essential to inventory planning and setting adequate staff hours.

KPIs at your Fingertips

Our business analytics software gives you the option to create your own unique dashboards to provide at-a-glance key performance indicators. With a click, get more granular – drilling into and segmenting your data to reveal trends you may not otherwise anticipate.

And with anytime, anywhere access to essential PMS and POS data, you can take charge of your business. Ensure guest service standards are met even when you’re not onsite.

Work Smarter,
Not Harder

rGuest Analyze is a recognized leader in the hospitality industry for POS and PMS data analysis. Whether you use LMS®, InfoGenesis® or both, illuminate areas of hidden costs and pinpoint discrepancies that may be impacting your bottom line.


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