The document management software system that dots all the i’s.

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DataMagine – Document Management System

Revolutionize Storage & Retrieval

End the paper drain once and for all.

Plays Well With Others

Seamless integration with your business applications.

Paper to Digital in a Flash

Saves time, money and trees.

Save paper, save storage, save money

DataMagine™ is the efficient document management software system based on a U.S. patented image module that seamlessly integrates with your business applications, usually without writing or changing a single line of code.

Not all image-enabling systems are created equal

Some image-enabling systems can complicate the processes of document management they’re meant to streamline. DataMagine™ is a document management system that fulfills the promise of simplification. It scans, indexes, archives, stores and retrieves online documents without interfering with your existing applications.

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Impact the bottom line

DataMagine™ is the technology document management software that transforms paper document storage and retrieval from an inefficient drain on your bottom line to a benefit that saves money, promotes environmental stewardship and helps satisfy regulatory requirements.


Today we are much more efficient and all work gets done during the regular work week without any overtime hours or major delays.

--Accounts Payable Manager, RBC Bearings

DataMagine RBC

Optional Modules

Monitors incoming email messages, routing them to specific users so that they can launch a DocFlow job and/or automatically index and archive an email attachment.

Detects barcode(s) on a scanned document and automatically indexes the associated document into the imaging system.

Export archived images and store the images and related indices on a fully searchable, self-contained CD/DVD.

Capture documents and link them to the Agilysys solutions Stratton Warren System (SWS), Eatec®, WMx™, Lodging Management System (LMS) and the Visual One™ suite.

Automatically indexes and archives your system-generated documents or reports for access by anyone with the proper user profile privileges.

Provides electronic routing for enterprise document approval and processing.

Scan and import external documents quickly and easily with the Document Imaging module. Seamlessly integrates with virtually all business applications running on any platform, without coding or complex application programming interface (API) tool kits.

Enables staff to register guests for spa services or activities remotely using the system’s secure tablet-based electronic application.

Helps with records management, providing an easy way to either archive objects into DataMagine or delete documents according to company retention policies.

Provides quick and easy scanning of driver’s licenses, passports and other forms of ID directly to your Agilysys property management solution.

Supports the ability to extract field values from an external database file that was not available during the initial indexing of an image. The retrieved value(s) will be populated into the Agilysys DataMagine index record automatically.

Help your business become compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards by letting your guests swipe their own credit cards, which also reduces your transaction fees.

Enables users or third-party programs to access the software remotely through a Web interface.

Provides browser-based access to images and objects in Agilysys DataMagine archive modules.

Workforce Management

DataMagine is a document management solution for the following markets:

  • Casino Resorts
  • Cruise Lines
  • Corporate Foodservice
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Indian Gaming
  • Restaurants
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