Best-in-class foodservice procurement, inventory, forecasting and recipe management software for all hospitality operations.

Comprehensive Restaurant Inventory Software 

A Seamless F&B Inventory Control Solution

According to the recent research, today’s inventory management software should not only integrate with POS, it should also track item depletion in real-time to reduce waste, optimize inventory and increase profitability. 

Find how operators are saving more than 50% in labor costs in the Smart Decision Guide to Restaurant Management and POS Systems 

POS Smart Guide

Food Inventory Software That’s Designed for Efficiency 

Eatec provides a single, centralized database, designed to be entirely accessible via the web. No uploading, downloading or replicating data. And no remote systems to maintain. Simple and straightforward. 

We were immediately impressed by Eatec’s modular structure and uncomplicated user interface… With this technology in place, we expect to gain better control of food costs, both in pricing and yields, and make more intelligent purchasing decisions.

-- Director of Technology at The Maho Group, Sonesta Resorts St. Maarten
Maho Group, Sonesta Resorts St. Maarten

Restaurant Inventory & Procurement System 

Eatec is modular, so you can create a system to suit your business, without paying for features you don’t need. Whether you need an inventory management solution for multiple sites, or a single-site system for multiple functions, Eatec is the answer.


After an extensive search for a new inventory and procurement system, we determined that Eatec has all the features and functionality we require to handle our diverse dining scenarios.

-- Executive Director of Campus Dining
at the University of West Georgia 


University of West Georgia


Boost Your Eatec Performance

An optional software applet that operates on any Windows®-based POS workstation, providing users with access to the Eatec application from any terminal location.

A Windows Mobile compatible application designed to work on a handheld wireless device, enabling users to perform inventory transactions.

The Catering module is an optional add-on that covers all aspects of event management. It includes a customer database, function book, event ordering and management, proposal creation, financial analysis, tax and gratuity management, task lists, invoicing and document transmission.

Designed for foodservice operations that have an "all you can eat" scenario, such as salad bars, employee dining rooms, residential dining halls in universities, complimentary breakfasts and buffets. The software enables you to view actual consumption versus revenue, to help increase the profitability of your operation.

Designed for foodservice chains that use the Eatec solution in their stores and require store locations to procure and track products purchased from the chain-based commissary. 

View and synchronize nutritional information for inventory items, recipes, products, menus or cycle plans. Eatec is USDA-approved for nutrient analyses required in the school meal programs.

Supports retail items in a separate portion of the database, apart from food and beverage. Retail end users can be password restricted to access retail data items and operating data only; food and beverage personnel can be prevented from seeing retail data and transactions. Includes SKU and UPC support, UPC retail price label printing and a built-in color/size matrix wizard.