Stratton Warren System (SWS)

Inventory & Procurement

The strategic procurement solution that lets you easily inventory and purchase anything in your system.

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Leverage the Power

of aggregate purchasing

Reduce Labor Costs & Waste

while improving productivity

Manage the entire process

from requisition to invoice

The power of strategic procurement

Business owners and managers know it’s essential to find the right product at the right time at the right price. But a less-than-efficient system can still break the bank. Agilysys Stratton Warren System (SWS) is the strategic technology solution.

One system to manage the entire process

SWS allows you to easily aggregate purchases across departments and locations, from mission critical items to the incidentals that add up to big dollars over time. The system manages the entire process, from requisition to invoice, and integrates with most leading financial and POS software products. SWS is available as an on-premise solution or through a subscription service.

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New Functionality will Streamline Efficiency in Upcoming SWS v9.2

Take a sneak peek at some features we’re working on like enhanced AP batch proofing and easier access to requisition updates.


What can SWS do for you?

Automatic purchase order generation when an item is running low, cost monitoring for highly variable items and these additional benefits/features:


We wanted a solution that would help us reduce costs and conserve resources. We also wanted a system that would help us work more efficiently. And, we wanted technology that would enable us to make more intelligent purchasing decisions. We are confident the Stratton Warren System will meet this criteria and help ensure our property's competitiveness by allowing our purchasing staff to focus on the strategic elements of the procurement process.

--Resorts World Bimini

Free your purchasing professionals from time-consuming tasks. With Stratton Warren System (SWS) they can now focus their time and expertise where it counts.
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Optional Modules

The SWS Barcoding modules provides either wireless or wired data collection of physical inventory, allowing users to scan items into the system using the item SKU or UPC label for quick and accurate data collection.

The SWS Menu/Recipe Analysis module cross-references recipe items and ingredients, 'flags' recipes for excessive cost, generates detailed shopping lists and provides a nutritional analysis of menu items.

The SWS Retail module automates the entire retail process with full open-to-buy, enabling users to calculate and maintain sales prices, markdowns and updates as well as track slow moving items and minimize pricing errors.

The SWSDirect module provides a convenient, efficient and intuitive shopping cart experience.

Stratton Warren System is an inventory and procurement solution for the following markets:

  • Casino Resorts
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Indian Gaming
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