Online Reservation System

More than just a Hotel Reservation Booking Engine
chameleon™, offered by b4checkin, is a dynamic and fully interactive booking engine that gives you superior merchandising to drive conversions and to increase your revenue and profits.

Visit b4checkin
Visit b4checkin

Fully Customizable

b4checkin’s online booking system mirror the look and feel of your website.

Designed for Independent Hotel Bookings

Reflect your brand while increasing your look-to-book ratios and direct your bookings.

Email Management

Use b4mailer to stay in touch with your guests with your choice of fully customized emails, including all booking transactions, pre-arrival reminders, advance check-in notices, mid-stay updates, post-stay follow-ups, paperless receipts and feedback invitations.

For your customers

  • Ability to choose from all available rate types and room types you want to offer
  • Interactive availability calendars ;
  • Unique package options with ability to offer pre-built packages or enable bookers to select custom components to build dynamic packages
  • Easy to navigate

For your hotel

  • A total online reservation system and email management solution
  • Increased conversion ratio and revenue per stay
  • Incremental revenue from sale of value-added products
  • Customer relationship management through fully customized e-mail communications with guests
  • Important client information captured
  • Analytical tracking of online booking activity
  • Flat monthly fee structure for all product components = no surprises
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Get the Brochure

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