rGuest® Express Kiosk

Expedite guest service with self-service kiosk check-in, room key encoding, check-out and folios via email. No more long lines at the front desk.
rGuest Express

Self-Check-In That Delivers on Guest Expectations

A Resort Kiosk that Elevates the Guest Experience

Simplify check-in and check-out, optimize staff productivity and enhance the guest experience. More properties turn to kiosks to reduce overhead and offer more self-service options. With rGuest Express Kiosk, it’s easy to elevate service levels without adding front-line staff.

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rGuest Express Checkin
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Reduce Guest Wait Times

Eliminate front desk queues and help make travel more enjoyable by offering a fast and easy approach to efficient guest service.

More and more properties are reducing their overhead by implementing self-service options, and with rGuest Express Kiosk, you can elevate your level of service without growing your staff

rGuest Express Room Upgrade

Enriched Guest Self-Service

With heavy competition to differentiate and offer guests more technology options, self-service kiosks not only deliver what guests expect from your property, they’re also exceeding the technology expectations of modern operators.

Waiting in a long line at the front desk can leave guests with a less-than-stellar first impression of the hotel. Enabling guests to completely bypass the front desk and go directly to their room after a long trip can be a welcome surprise upon arrival.

rGuest Stay

Boost rGuest® Express Kiosk Performance

An enterprise-ready, all-in-one solution for full-service resorts, boutiques and hotels.

An Integrated lodging management system for hotels and resorts. Build exceptional guest relationships and optimize revenue opportunities.

A cloud-based, intuitive PMS that allows you to focus on connecting with your guests on a personal level to increase revenue, improve occupancy and inventory management, reduce costs, and increase brand and guest satisfaction.