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Earn and keep more guests with a table management solution that thinks like your hosts and an online reservations system that thinks like your guests. Everybody’s happy.

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rGuest Seat - Manage Your Online Restaurant Table Reservations

Keep Them Coming Back

Happy guests can’t wait to dine again. Soon every night will look like Saturday night.

Keep It Simple

Use rGuest® Seat on a PC or tablet. Choose what works for you, staff and your guests.

Adaptable and Dependable

A powerhouse on its own, or combine with your existing InfoGenesis® POS 4.4.7 to take your restaurant to the next level.

Simplify Your Table Management

With rGuest Seat, you have the option to run the table management application from a terminal at the host station or from an iPad. Front of the house staff can easily move about the restaurant with the technology at their fingertips and this flexibility will ultimately improve operations and enhance the guest experience.

Automate Your Reservations

Manage time slots manually for the greatest flexibility or leverage rGuest Seat’s dynamic reservations availability when in automatic mode. Maximize your opportunities to seat more guests and turn tables.

Optimize Wait List Execution

Keep guests happy and save your reputation when you have an automated system that provides more accurate times to your waiting guests.

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Next-generation table management solutions.

Agilysys rGuest® Seat is named a Reservations and Table Management Software Product of the Year Finalist by Business Intelligence Group Awards
rGuest Seat will allow us to personalize our engagement with diners to drive repeat business, while rGuest Pay will protect sensitive cardholder information. Implementing these systems will help us boost efficiency across our many dining and retail venues, capitalize on revenue opportunities and provide excellent guest service.

--Senior Vice President of IT,
Grand Sierra Resort and Casino


Keep Costs Down

Simply having a website with an ERB (Electronic Reservations Booking) system isn’t enough. You need an interactive, cloud-based presence to acquire more guests. And your front-of-house needs advanced tools that can handle a variety of guest expectations.

rGuest Seat offers several advantages that make it a smart alternative to traditional, on-premises applications:

  • Significantly reduced administration and infrastructure costs.
  • Eliminate concerns that your software will eventually become outdated.
  • Potential for heightened data security that supplements your internal capabilities.
  • Get immediate access to the latest technology improvements without the frustration typically associated with upgrades.
  • Seamless integration with your existing InfoGenesis POS solution.
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More and more, guests are making their dining decisions based on the online accessibility and convenience of your restaurant. The rGuest Seat reservations & table management solution gives you an upper hand among a surplus of dining options.

rGuest Seat is the guest centric table, reservation and wait list management solution for your business:

  • Casino Resorts
  • Cruise Lines
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Indian Gaming
  • Restaurants
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