A flexible, on-line scheduling and labor management tool. HotSchedules’ app makes it easy to create, communicate and manage employee schedules.

All-inclusive Employee Scheduling Software & Labor Management Solution

A Proven Labor Management Solution

Whether you’re a family restaurant or a corporate chain, let the efficiency of HotSchedules optimize your productivity, giving you the tools to manage your labor force and control labor costs.

Find out how operators are improving financial performance with advanced labor management tools in the Smart Decision Guide to Restaurant Management and POS Systems.

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POS Smart Guide
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Dynamic Staff Forecasting, Designed for Efficiency

Requires minimal training. Reduces time to get staff up-to-speed. Develops a more accurate forecast and compares it to actual results.

After adopting HotSchedules, Tacos & Tequila was able to lower their labor costs by 5%, which translated to a savings of $17,500 per location.

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A Well-connected Labor Management System

The HotSchedules IoT platform connects all those hard-to-reach data sources in the cloud with enough flexibility to also accommodate traditional systems.



Bianchini’s series of restaurants lowered their labor costs by 3 percent, managers and employees were able to communicate more efficiently.

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Boost your Labor Management Efficiency

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