Drive More Volume With Existing Staffing

Drive more volume through food checkout lines while maintaining or reducing the number of checkout staff required. The result is faster guest service, increased revenue and optimized venue operations.

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Award-Winning AI-Powered Frictionless Guest Self-Service

A GGB Annual Gaming & Technology Award Winner, our new PanOptic AI-powered self-checkout kiosk allows guests to simply place multiple food items on the kiosk tray all at one time where our PanOptic AI service uses computer vision and AI to scan the items, recognize them and add them to the cart.

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"The PanOptic Kiosk has been fantastically popular with our guests. It already accounts for 50% of our grab-n-go sales a week after installation, and has increased the velocity of sales by streamlining the checkout and payment process."

-- Agilysys Gaming Customer

Grow your Revenue Opportunities with Greater Purchasing Convenience

Optimize Labor Costs when you have Self-Service Efficiency

Bring Convenience to All Guests with an Interactive Kiosk

PanOptic kiosk enables AI-powered grab-n-go self-checkout. The kiosk allows guests to simultaneously place multiple items on the kiosk tray, calculates the price and accepts guest credit card payments.

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Increase Revenue Opportunities with Next-generation POS Kiosks

Studies show 20% of guests spend more when interactive kiosks suggest additional items. Grow your upsell opportunities and your bottom line without increasing labor costs or compromising workflows

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Contactless Guest Engagement

Boost your Agilysys InfoGenesis Software Performance

The industry’s leading point of sale technology, built to keep guests happy and revenue flowing.

Accept POS payments anytime, anywhere with PCI-validated point-to-point encryption that reduces your chance of a data breach.