Hospitality POS Systems

Agilysys provides innovative hospitality point-of-sale solutions for casino resorts, hotels, restaurants and foodservice venues. Our full suite of POS solutions includes options for fixed, mobile and tablet devices, and can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise.

The Agilysys F&B Ecosystem is Everywhere

Guests can seamlessly order F&B, whenever and wherever they want. "Grab-and-go" food and beverage options with advanced self-serve checkout deliver 24x7 access without burdening staff. From "to-your-door" delivery to food-locker pick-up, order now, pay later convenience is on the menu.

"With this technology in place, we are well positioned for the future with a comprehensive POS system that will enhance guest service and give us a competitive edge."

- -- VP & Chief Information Officer at Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Increase Revenue Opportunities With Intelligent POS

Enhance Guest Satisfaction With Mobile POS

Eliminate Point-of-Sale Downtime And Keep Guests Happy

Agilysys InfoGenesis POS

Choose an award-winning POS Software that’s flexible enough to accommodate your changing business, and reliable enough to never get in the way of serving your guests.

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IG Digital Menu Board

Configurable Large-Format Digital Displays

Flexible graphical menu and offer displays linked to your InfoGenesis backend to present up to date items and pricing and increase venue revenue.

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Increase POS revenues by 20%, 40% or more with the industry's leading mobile point-of-sale tablets designed to meet the unique challenges of every hospitality environment.

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Built By Kitchen Experts

Optimize kitchen operations with a Kitchen Display System designed to scale from quick service to fine dining.

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Built on the Agilysys InfoGenesis® foundation, IG Kiosk self-service point of sale kiosk reduces labor costs and produces an average 15% revenue lift from suggestive upsells.

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Interactive, Guest-facing Ordering

IG OnDemand provides an interactive guest-facing ordering experience to virtually any mobile device using a simple, intuitive interface so guests can easily order and reorder from anywhere across the property, driving order velocity and volume.

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IG PanOptic Kiosk

Agilysys Wins 2021 GGB Gaming & Technology Award for Our AI-Powered IG PanOptic Kiosk!

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IG Quick Pay

Simplify Food & Beverage Payment

With an increased focus on the convenience and security of contactless payments, IG Quick Pay makes it easy to accept and track cashless transactions whenever and wherever your guests are.

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Agilysys Analyze

Simplified business analytics for hotels, restaurants and resorts. Expand your visibility into spending with on-demand access to guest preferences and histories.

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Agilysys eCash

Cashless Payment Options

Offer your customers the convenience of cashless tender. Create charge accounts for memberships, employees, students, comps or any other type of charge you define.

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Agilysys Gift Card

A fexible easy to use solution to enable complete gift card management from adding balances to cards, to checking balances, and enabling guests to use them for purchases across outlets on your property.

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A Mobile POS Revolution: Growing Your Bottom Line

Gaming and Hospitality Venues choose IG Flex to Increase Profitability.

Increased revenue is achieved with an efficient, mobile POS. Use IG Flex to connect with guests and meet their needs more quickly.

Increase Mobile POS Revenue

Boost your Agilysys InfoGenesis Software Performance

POS business intelligence identifies hidden patterns of loss, unnecessary waste and server performance.

Minimize labor and extend POS reach with self-serve kiosks.

Accept POS payments anytime, anywhere with PCI-validated point-to-point encryption that reduces your chance of a data breach.

A venue reservations, table and floor management app that allows you to own and refine the guest relationship