3 Technology Trends that Improve Restaurant Revenue

Feb 21, 2020

You’ve heard it before. As a global economy, we are more digitally-savvy than ever. Even if you agree more figuratively, with your head down looking at this on your mobile device right now. In the world of restaurant food service, technology is single-handedly transforming what it means for consumers to purchase their next meals. Consumers are hungry for more than just another meal. They crave ease of access combined with enhanced experiences, whether that’s fine-dining, in the corporate cafeteria, or at a fast-casual establishment. Businesses that don’t adapt to the latest tech trends could be missing out on significant opportunities to woo mobile-minded consumers.

In addition to evolving to meet guest expectations, some of the latest tech advancements make workflows and internal processes...well, more lucrative for operators. Here are some of the top trends and how they can help improve restaurant food service and revenue:

1. Conversational Order-taking

Many restaurants are putting guest service at the forefront by using mobile POS tablets. Mobile POS, by design, makes the dining experience more efficient. Servers no longer need to run back and forth between a stationary POS terminal and guest tables. Instead, staff can enter and manage guest orders on-the-fly - while still standing at the guest’s side whether they at a table or standing in a queue. Mobile service is proven to grow guest satisfaction rates, and when that happens, everyone feels the difference. When served more expediently, guests are inclined to spend extra. And staff take note of the increased tips, which further motivates them to keep the flow.

Property Management Solutions

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2. Guest Customization

Tablets have helped servers master the art of persuasion. Suggestive-selling based on the guest’s profile, a display of dietary allergens and F&B preferences can go a long way to boost the average spend per guest. Today there are excellent tech tools that integrate with the POS and make upsell recommendations easy for staff. These ancillary solutions track and maintain a guest’s historical purchase trends and offer straightforward POS integration that captures the valuable data.

3. Secure Payments

It’s an unfortunate fact in the industry: guest credit card data can be stolen. Pay-at-table devices are the latest movement to mitigate these risks. These devices generally accept both EMV and contactless payments. A modern combination of security and mobility that translates to flexible pay-at-table has ushered in the heightened levels of security that guests have come to expect.

4. Beyond the Tech

Technology trends are just one aspect that helps operators keep up with demand. Consider catering to those with dietary needs, such as Vegans and Paleo consumers. Those following a dietary lifestyle are usually doing it to meet personal health requirements. Show them you care by featuring menu modifications that take their restrictions into account.

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