4 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Your Resort Technology

Mar 12, 2019

Resort and hotel technology is constantly evolving and adding innovative applications at a fast pace. With so much choice for features and capabilities, your options can become overwhelming. Fortunately, there are fundamental characteristics and benefits to consider when selecting the best hospitality solutions for your properties. By taking these key things into account, operators can rest assured to have the important bases covered.

Business Analytic Tools

Through more robust business intelligence, property owners and managers can access critical business information quicker and in more holistic ways. Not only do these tools provide crucial data points, they also help organize and communicate that information in easy to comprehend reports. At some properties, finance and marketing departments are some of the groups benefiting the most from these solutions. These new tools can also help drive pricing decisions by providing an in-depth look into who the guests are and what drives their purchasing decisions.

Personalization and Customization

When properties truly know their guests, they’re better equipped at providing a more personalized and authentic guest experience. Personalization is the key to success for many hotels and resorts. Nowadays operators are turning to targeted personalization by leveraging offers and promotions to guests that speak to their preferences based on past behavior, and communicating in a way that is relevant to the the individual guest. And, as previously mentioned, information is what helps drive this higher level of customization, helping operators be more strategic in their guest offerings.

Next-Generation PMS

Your PMS solution can also make a positive impact on operations, as well as guest and staff satisfaction. Through the streamlining of traditional workflows and a complete guest view, the advantages can lead to greater staff efficiency, as staff aren’t bogged down finding or creating reports, and instead, spend more time serving guests and providing a more personalized experience.

As a result, improving the management of the guest experience can yield greater satisfaction and help ensure guests keep coming back time and time again. And because in today’s connected world, reviews can make or break a business’ reputation, the enhanced service felt by guests will be reflected in positive reviews on OTA sites and beyond, helping grow repeat stays and attract new guests. A total win for the bottom line. A next-generation property management system can help operators improve cost savings and generate revenue growth.

Artificial Intelligence

And, although relatively new to guest rooms, artificial intelligence is becoming an essential component. AI-enabled devices can help speed up service by addressing guest’s needs quickly. Voice assistants are also becoming more prevalent and sophisticated, and they can enhance a guest’s stay by making requests and offering recommendations in real-time.

With so many technology offerings, it can become overwhelming to choose or easy to get lost in the mix. For this reason, it’s important to assess your business and guest priorities, and keep in mind the fundamental must-haves when narrowing down your hospitality solution options.

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