4 Ways Cloud Migration Yields Business Success

Jul 18, 2018

It goes without saying that hospitality enterprises can reduce the complexity of their IT burden by centralizing technology in the cloud. However, this is only true when the migration is well executed. Every application has its own unique cloud migration path, and every property will have its own access needs and workflow requirements. While there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach, there are several reasons to consider making this change. Today we've outlined four ways the cloud has resulted in business success across hospitality.

  1. Satisfaction - Guest satisfaction is paramount - it goes without saying. With a cloud-based platform, satisfaction is easier to ensure. Take the hotel’s property management system (PMS); when it’s in the cloud, IT staff can be more responsive to initiatives that actually drive guest satisfaction - and even revenue. It offers less downtime and local resources than an on-site server, including time-consuming tasks such as server planning and maintenance.
  2. Savings - Most operators find they can reduce hardware and energy costs after moving to the cloud. This is directly correlated to the substantial reduction in redundant hardware and lower energy expenditures when on-site servers are removed from the equation.
  3. Security – Typically, cloud infrastructures operate at a higher Tier Level than businesses might afford with on-site systems. Moving technology to the cloud allows data to be stored more securely. In fact, cloud data is often better protected from theft or other disaster that can occur when stored at a physical location.
  4. Simplicity – Cloud-based solutions are ubiquitous, providing operators with consistent, around-the-clock access to their application and enterprise data. It also offers a straightforward way to share more data or projects with multiple team members, regardless of their locations.

First, it's important to carefully study your existing IT infrastructure; evaluating needs and usage to best determine if cloud migration is right for your operation. Assess which solutions are best suited to a cloud environment. Some software solutions will perform better in the cloud, and it’s important to fine-tune the list of apps that can migrate and still perform optimally. And of course, thoroughly research a cloud technology provider before deciding.

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