80% of Consumers Are Doing It – Getting Their Next Meal on Their Smartphones

Sep 27, 2019

Buffets, fast-casual, or fine-dining. They quickly become bustling venues, with the bulk of customers arriving during peak times. But when the service is reliable, guests take notice. And those good service vibes are shared on social where word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire.

An upsurge in flexible POS technology – namely kiosk and smartphone ordering, has fueled a self-service revolution in restaurants, cafes, and even coffee shops. Each of these technologies has earned a place in F&B by relieving the pressure during peak surges. At resort buffets where guests must wait for a table to free up, a strategically placed kiosk will allow diners to "reserve" a seating time without having to stand in the notoriously long lines.

With more than 80% of consumers searching for their next meal on a mobile device, smartphones have become an important channel - if not the most important channel - presenting a significant opportunity for resort F&B. With an automated ordering system that allows visitors to peruse menus and pay on their own, resorts are minimizing labor costs while mobilizing “personalized” guest experiences. Guests can even monitor the delivery of their meals with push notifications. These automated text updates take the guesswork out of food preparation and delivery times. Providing accurate wait times might seem like a small touch, but when it comes to setting guest expectations, these become essential conveniences that add up to create positive, share-worthy experiences.

How is self-service different today than three years ago? First, POS technologies are more comprehensive while still being flexible enough to be cloud-based. Second, younger generations want mobile interactions, preferring the empowerment of self-service. Finally, both kiosk and mobile ordering offer the potential for labor savings at a time when wages are on the rise, and reliable help is hard to find.

Driven by consumer expectations, these F&B technologies are fast becoming standard fixtures across hospitality.

April 27, 2022

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