Agilysys Discusses the Future of Hospitality

Nov 09, 2018

The hospitality industry is growing at a rapid pace and operators are working hard to keep up with the latest workflow improvements that technology brings to the table. At this year’s G2E conference, technology companies from across the world presented innovative solutions that help make day-to-day operations just a little bit easier for resort staff and management. During an interview with Fantini Research, Agilysys' CEO Ramesh Srinivasan discusses the state of the hospitality and gaming industry, as well as the growth that Agilysys has experienced over the last year.

The interview touches upon Agilysys’ deep knowledge and passion for hospitality and how the company’s heritage in the industry has helped them deliver technology that supports extraordinary guest experiences. The company is 100% focused on the hospitality industry, dedicating all resources to

making better products while building strong partner alliances in the industry. Improving existing products while continuously adding new solutions that customers are asking for, the company is steadily staying ahead of industry demand.

Our R&D has increased about 2,5 times in the last 15 months and we are in the process of expanding even more…”.  It’s a growing industry, we are in a very good position, and nobody is investing more in hospitality products than we are today.”

Ramesh Srinivasan, President and CEO

As a foundational technology company in a growing industry, Agilysys works diligently to meet the needs of its customers. With comprehensive solutions and a strong commitment to continuously improving support services, hospitality operators are able grow their businesses and reach more guests using innovative tools.

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