Airport Dining is Morphing into Epicurean Fare

Jul 30, 2019

Grabbing a bite at the airport is no longer about quickly filling the tanks during a hectic day of travel. It’s about conveniently satisfying passengers with a quality product and service that makes a particular airport sought after for travelers who have a choice. Airports are becoming extensions of a visitor’s destination, enabling them to enjoy one last vacation experience or just sampling the local culture while passing through.

While the industry is focusing on addressing the changing preferences of travelers, it also seems that airports may be returning to their dining roots. High-end dining at airports dates back to the 1950s and 1960s when terminal restaurants were places to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions. Today, breathing new life into the airport experience involves better technology for connected travelers, including digitizing their food ordering and dining experiences. A new generation of travelers is ushering in a wave of technology expectations that help speed up service and reduce human error. Airport terminals are being transformed into travel gateways with reimagined food concepts. Travelers are no longer satisfied with eating processed foods while waiting for their flights. Instead, they are looking for more sophisticated fare options, along with vegan, vegetarian, and other alternatives.

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Considering that airports are the first and last impression of a destination, creating positive experiences should take top priority. Airports are dedicating themselves to the demand for more fresh-made choices and local menu items. While this shift comes with the expectation that dining outlets provide their fare with some adoption of technology, airports will see the pay off in reputation and, as a result, increased revenue.

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