Boosting Loyalty with a Guest Experience Manager

Sep 10, 2018

Whether we like it or not, the guest's overall resort stay experience is undeniably becoming one of the most important factors when it comes to deciding if they will return. A satisfactory experience might prompt them to come back, but an exceptional one will help spread good word-of-mouth and perhaps even ensure the guest returns even if they’re presented with a better price from a competing hotel.

More and more hoteliers are embracing this and dedicating resources specifically to ensure every guest experience is extraordinary. Recently, operators have started hiring Guest Experience Managers specifically for this purpose. A person on property whose sole responsibility is catering to each guest’s preferences and anticipating what they might need to make their stay exceptional. Here are a few examples of responsibilities that this new role is taking on:

1. Overseeing the Lobby

A smart task for the Guest Experience Manager is to monitor the front desk area and greet visitors, knowing whether they are returning or otherwise VIPs. This provides an opportunity to step in when a guest has special asks and to assist with anything that might make their stay better. The front desk staff stays free to focus on their responsibilities without missing any of the guests’ wishes.

2. Understanding Guest Preferences 

One compelling way to make guests feel welcome is by knowing their preferences before they arrive. The more information the Guest Experience Manager can garner about a guest, the easier it will be able to cater to their needs and make them feel special. Properties using an intelligent property management system can allow Guest Experience Managers to easily learn about guests from their profiles in the system. Combined with a powerful business analytics solution, operators have even more information available to them. A simple dashboard to identify trends and other information such as guest spending habits, room preferences and other data give staff knowledge to help make the guest experience truly unforgettable.

3. Equipping the Room

Guest Experience Managers know how to equip a guest's room to create an extra-personalized welcome. If the room has a kitchen, the Guest Experience Manager may have items to help fill the refrigerator or pantry, creating that extra attention guests have come to expect. Alternatively, if the guest has a preferred bottle of wine the Guest Experience Manager might have it sent to their room on the first night. The possibilities are endless, and the guest room offers many opportunities to personalize the guest’s stay.

Any seemingly small gesture can make a guest stay unforgettable. It all comes down to knowing the guest and being able to anticipate what they might need to make them feel recognized as an individual. How well do you know your guests?

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