Buying Smart: Innovation Reigns

Mar 01, 2018

Purchasing systems and inventory control. They are two magic terms in the casino world, two major factors in property-wide finance and operations assessment. Their best use signifies two likely means to a lucrative end.

In a recent editorial from Global Gaming Business magazine, casinos weigh the options of in-house or outsourced cost monitoring, even a hybrid of their methods. Traditional practice features an army of specialists in one property. Yet a significant partner outside the casino can remove the layered, department-by-department approach to internal purchasing. That well-connected ally may be especially valuable for multiple properties.

The relevance has never been higher. Even moderate streamlining moves the needle for many properties in this $250 billion industry. Observe the seismic shift. Food and beverage revenue alone hover near $15 million annually in many moderate-sized markets. Non-gaming revenues flirt with a two-thirds to one-third majority on the Las Vegas Strip.

While the automation and outsourcing realm unfolds, the personal touch remains important. What is a patron’s favorite dish? Customize the information, have it instantly available, regardless of when that person next dines. Favorite beverage? Get it on file. Popular recipes should be preserved, their ingredients monitored and re-stocked.

At Agilysys, the company’s inventory management solutions are tailored to decrease food and labor costs while boosting efficiency. The targeted result is freeing up working capital, improving management and guest satisfaction, along with improved delivery times.

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