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Casinos are Shifting Gears to Deliver More Guest Choices

Apr 18, 2017

To attract and retain a much broader guest population without compromising service to an already loyal, gaming and non-gaming guest base is not simple. It’s also not simple to predict what guests will want. The good news is there are several easy-to-use and affordable tools available to help understand guests and deliver a more personal experience with services they desire most. Constant guest engagement through player development, attention to VIPs and deploying guest surveys at various areas on property are but a few avenues to understanding what choices the guest will want.

This concept of “choice” is familiar to casino environments and we’ve started to see a significant shift toward more options for guests. Operators are re-designing their businesses to provide categories of non-gaming amenities in the form of offerings such as spa or golf packages. Adding meeting facilities, exposition space, nightclubs, shopping, dining, pools and other offerings provide opportunities to attract a broader group of guests. For operators to make the shift toward a more diverse and plentiful set of amenities, they will need to look beyond their comfort zone. 

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