Closing the Loop on Big Data & Optimizing Revenue

Dec 11, 2018

Agilysys solutions expand across the entire guest journey, enabling several different touch points with guests. The more touch points, the greater the opportunity to collect meaningful data and make smarter business decisions that optimize the guest experience. Hotel operators are constantly chasing big data to be able to enhance the guest experience. For the gaming industry, capturing non-gaming spend and evaluating it has become increasingly important.

Gaming has always been noted across the hospitality industry for being sharp in how they manage players and gaming spend. But many operators in the gaming industry are still trying to wrap their arms around non-gaming spend.

The rGuest Analyze solution brings all that data together, giving operators an expanded view into spending with on-demand access to guest preferences and histories.”

Don DeMarinis, SVP of Sales, Agilysys

However, so much data can be daunting. To help close the loop on the best utilization for this data, Agilysys has partnered with third-party technologies that generate and establish offers for guests to use while on property. As a result of this technology partnership, hospitality venues can increase revenue and guest satisfaction.

Using predictive analytics, hospitality operators can pull all that data together to figure out the best offers and incentives that lead to increased spend. This is taken one step further by evolving the offers and incentives based on an individual guest's response, lack of response, behavior patterns and consumption.

To prepare for a future that leverages prescriptive analytics, Agilysys is poised to bring more robust back-end and business intelligence analytics tools to the hospitality industry. Listen to the complete podcast discussion, hosted by Global Gaming Business.

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