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Digital Disruption Puts Focus on Super-Charged Guest Service

Jun 21,2019

The capacity for technology is growing exponentially. According to the 2019 Restaurant Technology Study from Hospitality Technology, establishments are recognizing the fact that digital should be top of mind with 45% saying that guests’ adoption of technology is even more rapid than the pace of digital innovation. Digital is not only changing technology; it is changing the way guests think about service. What is innovative today may likely be table stakes by the end of the year.

Economic Outlook

According to the study, food service and retail sales have experienced a 35% rate of growth just in the last two years (2017-2018). The research report further indicates that hospitality players are anticipating sales increases of 5.8% for 2019, along with a 6.3% increase for mobile sales.

Technology Investments

Corporate foodservice and restaurant establishments plan to spend more on technology this year. Strong sales for the foodservice industry are driving new IT investments. Of the top three investment focuses, third-party delivery service is at 48%, mobile payments at 47%, and digital ordering comes in at 45%. Operators are reinvesting in guest-facing software, with 61% increasing budgets that will help foster guest relationships while boosting their venue’s digital and mobile strategies.

Putting the guest first is not a new concept. And for the service industry, creating a memorable guest experience has always been essential. But over the past two years, the disruption of technology has forced operators to change the way they think about the service they provide. Today, the growing emphasis is aimed at removing friction from guests purchasing food anytime they want. Self-serve technology will continue to power the digital connections that guests seek.

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