Digital Engagement: A Key Differentiator for Hoteliers

Oct 17, 2018

There is a transformation taking place across the hospitality industry. It exists for independent, boutique properties as much as it exists for enterprises. The digital transformation of the resort guest experience is driven largely by guests who are far more connected than previous generations. Their behaviors, expectations and preferences have evolved. Recent reports outline how brands can use digital interaction to differentiate and improve the guest experience.

Recruiting More Guests

An increase in guest engagement most often translates to an increase in hotel revenue. To stay competitive, hoteliers must be flexible and forward thinking in their digital approach. Hotel groups should look to leverage guest-generated content, such as positive comments and reviews on social platforms, for marketing purposes.

During the Booking Process

Hoteliers can creatively optimize their online reservation process, particularly for mobile devices. Keeping the reservation process straightforward, from multiple devices, and above all not requiring guests to have to call for answers to their questions, all help to make the booking more guest-friendly and seamless. Moreover, a web reservation tool that promotes room upgrades during booking can further the hotel’s revenue opportunities without compromising the guest’s digital experience.

Inside the Guest Room

A high percentage of individuals today subscribe to at least one streaming service. A resort guest who wants to continue availing that service, even when they’re not at home, opens the door for hoteliers to innovate the guest experience, using modern mediums to introduce next-generation experiences. In addition, it provides increased revenue for higher-speed connectivity purchases.

The dramatic increase in the implementation of engagement technology is largely due to increased travel by younger populations. However, the entire segment of travelers is accustomed to brand interactions using technology. Every guest expects a level of differentiation in the hotel experience as well. It’s now obvious that improving guest engagement in hotels is aligned with an ability to increase hotel revenue. By incorporating modern hospitality technology, the global hospitality industry will continue to see extraordinary growth.

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