Diner Insights Are Changing the Restaurant Landscape

Mar 18, 2019

For brands to succeed, it’s crucial to have an omnichannel approach that’s consistent across digital signage, mobile and online, and most importantly that the on-property experience is in sync with brand values. But how do you know - really know - what guests want? While social media is a popular vehicle to gain insights about your guests, it’s certainly not the only way. When someone tweets at your restaurant or places an online order, it produces information to help you identify, for example, a menu item that receives the most accolades. Still, other technologies provide more useful data.

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Too often restaurant operators see analytics as an afterthought. Analytics bring intelligent data to help identify which menu items are selling well and which items are struggling, possibly requiring a price adjustment or menu change. This business intelligence allows you to see some of the most important contributing factors for success, including your busiest meal periods, average guest spend, table turn times, tip percentages by server and your most profitable items. These data insights draw you closer to understanding what guests love most about your business.

Yet, each diner has their own expectation of how they prefer to interact with service staff. While some diners may enjoy a server who adds to the encounter with their own narrative, other diners prefer a much different experience, possibly tucked away in a quiet corner. The more you can learn about guests’ behaviors, the easier it is to strengthen the connection created through your food and service. For this, there is technology that helps deliver a full-service guest experience without having to physically interact. Certain apps support these guest interactions and seek to keep the guest engaged.

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