Finding Solutions to Today’s POS Payment Security Challenges

Apr 10, 2018

How Restaurants are Removing Friction and Securing the Point of Sale. 

Hospitality Technology magazine recently published their Business Solutions Brief (BSB) detailing six solutions to the challenges restaurants face concerning the evolution of payment acceptance and data security. Restaurant operators just want to provide the payment options their guests prefer, in a safe and easy way. This BSB provides guidance for operators, provided by leaders in the payments technology market.

Navigating the murky payment waters?

Criminals are hyper-focused on businesses that have not yet migrated to EMV and P2PE. Security should not be the only focus. Eliminating PCI concerns and enhancing the guest experience are other key considerations. Work with partners that will enable the type of payment flexibility that’s so vital in the rapidly evolving payment experience space.

Trying to unify payments across multiple channels?

With the impending migration to pay-at-table in the U.S., staff are an important part the unification process. They help bring it together, to the guest, and in a seamless manner. Creating that frictionless guest experience also relies on the eventual adoption of BYOD ordering and payment acceptance, as well as secure POS integration. Start with a seamless platform integration to the preferred restaurant POS.

Looking to Extend Security and Protect PII?

Payment data is not the only concern. Begin by limiting each user’s access to only what they need to perform their duties. The more extensive the payment environment, the greater the potential for threats.

“From the guest’s perspective, the app or payment device must be intuitive, provide a sense of security and be non-threatening.” - Robt Sadeckas, Director of Product Management for Payments, Agilysys

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