Follow These 3 Guidelines to Facilitate Staff Cohesion

Feb 29, 2020

Let's face it. Guests take notice when your staff are under pressure to manage cumbersome workflows, antiquated systems and duplicative, inefficient procedures. When your hotel focuses on these three objectives, you empower staff to take command of their areas, and the result is enhanced efficiency, along with happier guests. While there are several things you can do to minimize staff friction, today we are sharing three essentials that property managers and owners should take into consideration.

  1. Update Your Technology Plan

As your older hardware becomes obsolete, and software stops being maintained, they become less reliable, and even less secure. Guests pick up on your staff’s moods and when they’re struggling with outdated systems in can leave an unfavorable impression. Updating your property management software should be a fundamental part of your technology plan. Working with an established partner who is consistently enhancing and updating its solutions is an excellent first step. With a technology plan as your foundation, and a trusted solution partner, overall productivity will increase, and guests will feel the difference.

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  1. Grant Access to Information

Providing staff with access to the necessary information that their jobs require is an integral part of your business's success. Make information sharing part of your strategy. Granting access to the guest profile data in your PMS empowers them to serve guests better. When staff take command in their roles, your champions begin to show themselves, setting a positive example to you and their peers.

  1. Foster Team Collaboration

Eliminate unnecessary miscommunications about guest needs. PMS technology serves as a repository - a source of truth (of sorts). It's these valuable guest insights that enable staff to personalize interactions, and create more meaningful experiences for guests. Save time and other valuable resources while facilitating collaboration, even if that collaboration is, at least partially, through your PMS technology.

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