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Game-Changing Mobile POS Means Faster Service, More Revenue

May 04, 2017

As technology doubles in speed every two years, POS (point-of-sale) applications speed up. Screens are streamlined and optimized for different venues and workflows. Offline capabilities are enhanced to ensure optimum server performance even if the network fails. The introduction of hosted POS allows IT departments to relieve some system maintenance. With mobile POS, overall performance is reaching new levels. It’s single-handedly changing the way we all think about guest service and operational efficiency.

Faster Service

Hotel and resort properties often have large service areas with obstacles or people to maneuver around. In these areas, servers take multiple orders – batch orders – before entering them into the POS. This delays orders getting entered. Guests do see this and can be distracted by it.

As guests, we all love mobile POS. Where the server is virtually always readily available. Depending on the property, the server can enter orders immediately into a POS tablet he or she is carrying. I have also seen the server take a few steps away before pulling out the tablet to enter my order. Either way, I’m satisfied that my order hits the kitchen or bar within seconds. The server-runner workflow also ensures my hot food is delivered still hot, protecting food quality and meeting expectations.

More Revenue

Properties are deploying their mobile POS assets in even some creative ways, generating new sources of revenue – and guest satisfaction.

Other hotel and resort properties abound with creative ideas now that they’re no longer limited by the location of their POS terminals. More expansive concessions near special events, providing service in under-served areas of their properties, convenience products, and food and beverage at less convenient, but high traffic locations.

As we’ve witnessed these changes over the last decade, the single constant remains focused on the guest and creating an increasingly more holistic experience. Combining loyalty and POS transaction history, servers are learning how often the guest has been at the property, what they ordered in the past, and possibly even the guest’s past reviews.  Servers today have tools to suggest items based on past orders and their allergies or other preferences. Properties can personalize service, creating richer, more lasting connections with guests, resulting in more loyalty, better guest ratings and ultimately greater revenue lift.

Technology is finally catching up to take guest satisfaction. There’s never been a better time to move to mobile POS.

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