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Handheld Tablets are Having a Transformative Effect in Service Efficiency and Guest Satisfaction.

May 31, 2017

Tablets are everywhere we look. They’re being used in every conceivable way. Arguably tablets are having a larger impact on improving daily operations and guest satisfaction than any other recent technology advancement. This is especially true in the world of food service. When equipped with next-generation platform capabilities, and when used as restaurant management and point-of-sale (POS) systems, tablets are having a transformative effect in service efficiency and guest satisfaction.

With the advent of next-generation POS mobility, no longer do servers need to run back and forth between guests and a stationary POS terminal. They’re freed from waiting in lines to enter guest orders. Today, servers can complete their essential tasks of interacting with guests and the kitchen, and processing credit card transactions quickly and easily, all while remaining at the guest’s side. Service staff can spend the rest of their time being more attentive, catering to the needs of guests. And mobile POS gives them the tools and capacity to provide this highly-personalized service and build enduring relationships with guests on behalf of the brand.

Restaurants are focusing on activities that can seriously improve service quality, and have a far more meaningful and lasting impact on enhancing the overall experience. No longer is the business performance and guest satisfaction constrained by yesterday’s technology and antiquated processes. For example, table-side order placement and payment processing removes some of the common barriers to guest satisfaction. The most obvious barrier being lack of server attention. Increased guest satisfaction invariably leads to repeat visits and revenue growth. In fact, restaurants that have implemented mobile POS tablets have a lot to say:

  • Servers can support 30-50% more guests in the same time than they would without tablets.
  • Guests place orders more frequently as a result of servers being more accessible, increasing guest spending by 25%.
  • Reduced order cycle times and increased attention to guests results in as much as a 76% increase in F&B revenue.

Using mobile POS tablets, restaurants are empowering servers to become brand ambassadors versus simply order takers, and managers can focus their efforts on high-level reporting and business needs versus responding to dissatisfied guests. Mobile POS technology is the enabler. Undoubtedly a game-changer.

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