Hospitality’s Evolution to Biometric Technology

Feb 11, 2019

Hospitality is known for its continuous adaptation to innovative practices. And it’s no surprise that biometric technology is being integrated with PMS technology for faster, more secure check-ins and guest room access. In general, key cards are still the most commonly used method to grant guests access to their rooms and other hotel areas. However, at many properties this method is evolving toward fingerprint biometrics to control access, and to provide more speed and better security.

Biometric technology is an everyday occurrence for certain actions, such as unlocking smartphones with a fingerprint. This adds an increased level of security as it only grants access to its rightful user.  With biometrics, guests may no longer need identification cards to identify themselves. The technology analyzes and recognizes a guest’s face, fingerprint or voice, and grants access to rooms, amenities and even other booked services.

A biometric recognition system adds speed to resort and hotel operations by providing agile access that can be completed in just seconds. And, by being a unique identifier, biometric systems provide guests greater security and protection against fraud.

Biometric systems can also provide greater access controls by verifying the guest who is receiving the service, for example, and linking goods purchased by that guest. For instance, guests may charge retail or food and beverage purchases by providing their fingerprint which identifies and then charges the purchases to their room. This helps eliminate mistakes on the part of the guest or staff and limits the need to carry around a credit card.

The added convenience of biometric technology improves the guest experience with greater speed of service. As a result, guests have more time to enjoy other activities with added peace of mind.

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