Hotels Add Culinary Experiences with Talented Chefs

Dec 12, 2018

Hotels are reinventing themselves to create social spaces and elevated dining alternatives. Many are putting emphasis on flexible lobby areas that boost social interaction. Operators are also adding new twists to dining experiences by offering upscale eateries that appeal to an array of guests - locals and out-of-towners alike.

New or recently updated hotel restaurant concepts are sprouting up everywhere, shaped by guests who want access to chef-inspired menus. Unique culinary experiences are now a competitive differentiator for operators that bring opportunity for incremental revenue. Local and regional offerings are also more in demand. To say that featuring local products is a trend is an understatement. It’s everywhere, and it’s helping hotels compete against restaurants in the area that may otherwise be more attractive to guests. And guests don’t have to be foodies to appreciate these concepts. For anyone who enjoys novel dining experiences, chances are there is a hotel in the immediate area that features a talented chef who hosts activities such as cooking classes, culinary tours, and of course less conventional menus.

Innovative dining trends in hospitality are on the rise. Whether guests are traveling for business or on vacation, hotels and F&B are forever connected. The once thin margins of independent restaurants are now being subsidized by the hospitality industry, and It makes good sense.

Hotel food and beverage can be innovative, and chefs are the specialists for operators who want to create ‘dining destinations’. In menu design, ambiance and service, the hotel dining market continues to lead in its adoption of modern restaurant technology with a keen focus on delivering unique dining experiences.

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