How Resorts Can Outpace the Competition

Jan 30, 2019

As technology has transitioned to cloud-based systems, the concept of the resort lobby has become much less constricted. Equipped with a PMS tablet, resort staff are no longer tethered to the front desk. They can move about freely, engaging guests in a more authentic way. Mobile devices can also give associates the opportunity to display images of room upgrade options and other resort amenities, an easily executed act that could result in additional revenue. This provides a more welcoming interaction compared to long lines at the front desk.

Mobile room keys are approaching their highest levels of demand. Interest is peaking for mobile keys that unlock guest rooms using the guest's personal device, often in conjunction with ID authentication. This verification process, in the form of facial recognition for example, grants secure guest room access.

Mobile communication is an equally important part of a seamless experience. SMS or email notices are sent to personal devices, whether a reminder to check-in, a notification of “Your Room is Ready” or an invitation to partake in the on-site restaurant - perhaps with a coupon code - during their stay.

Constant contact with guests even as they're preparing to depart is important. As for the check-out process, guests can once again use their own device - or a lobby kiosk - and bypass the front desk. When resorts text links to the guest’s room charge details, it makes mobile check-out quick and simple for guests and staff alike. Guests simply view the folio including any resort purchases and detailed restaurant charges right on their smartphones. It's all portable - no more printed folios and no more delicate conversations at the front desk inquiring about erroneous charges.

Using the power of mobility, resort brands can provide exceptional experiences with individualized guest service. Those that incorporate mobile devices into their business workflows stand a greater chance of increasing guest satisfaction and decreasing wait times while improving sales and staff productivity. Those who are eager to embrace mobility and add these next-generation capabilities into their day-to-day operations are likely to outpace competitors.

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