How Technology Enhances Resident and Staff Engagement in Senior Living Communities

May 16, 2022

Senior living communities are experiencing many of the same challenges as other hospitality organizations. From supply chain delays to employee retention and the need to attract residents and increase occupancy, these facilities need solution providers that understand their challenges and help solve them.

There are technology solutions available that help active senior and multi-generational living environments operate more efficiently and provide better resident and staff engagement. Many of these solutions include automating manual tasks, boosting staff productivity and improving job satisfaction. When staff members are more comfortable with their jobs, that translates to the service they provide to their residents. Below are some of the solutions that senior living communities have implemented to meet changing resident demands and help alleviate some of the challenges many properties face today.

Property Management Seamlessly Connects with Other Systems to Better Understand Residents

Modern customized property management systems (PMS) seamlessly communicate with the other existing systems on property to help give a single view of each resident and their preferences. These profiles store activities and services they enjoy regularly, favorite retail or food and beverage (F&B) items, and dining preferences. Using these profiles, facilities can predict behavior, required inventory and staffing needs. Additionally, many of these systems include modules that automate payroll and give managers real-time access to staff performance. Plus, automated scheduling helps prevent errors and maximizes the staff available.

Inventory And Procurement Solutions Maximize What’s On-hand and Simplify Ordering and Menu Costing

With supply chain delays and staffing shortages, facilities must make the most of their inventory on-hand and staff on-site. Today's inventory and procurement solutions provide senior living facilities with several features that help with group ordering, predicting inventory needs for F&B, retail and service areas like spas and salons. Management can monitor food costs and inventory in real-time and make better profit-driven purchasing decisions that support resident preferences.

Mobile Ordering For F&B And Touchless Payments Provide Convenience for Residents and Boost Staff Productivity

Dining and foodservice can be the differentiator for many senior living communities. These facilities must offer exceptional food options and offer residents flexible ways to order and pay to remain competitive. To excel in these areas, facilities must have solutions that help kitchen and foodservice staff optimize their time and provide service in various areas of the property.

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Residents are more tech-savvy today, and they require that their living facilities offer tech-enabled experiences. Through mobile ordering and touchless payment options, residents can order while in their units and from the device of their choice. Food and beverage orders can be delivered directly, or residents can pick up their orders at various outlets on property. If they choose to dine at one of the restaurants, they can pay via a QR code on the check or charge it directly to their account.

Digital Marketing and Data Analytics Help Attract Residents

Sales and marketing efforts supported by data analytics can help boost affinity and encourage more move-ins. Senior living organizations know that consistent messaging and exceptional reviews are vital to building brand loyalty. As properties have more access to data that promotes engagement, they can create profitable and effective marketing campaigns to increase resident acquisition.

Finding The Right Solutions to Increase Occupancy and Retention

These are just a few of the technology solutions available today to support senior living communities and active senior and multi-generational living environments. Implementing solutions that help promote resident engagement and build brand loyalty will increase occupancy. On the flip side, ensuring staff members are supported through tech-enabled operational efficiencies will help prevent staff burnout, limit turnover, and in turn, elevate service levels.

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